Meet the Team – Britt, Charlotte & Sebastian

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In this edition of Meet the Team our Team Manager Britt, our Aerodynamics Engineer Charlotte, and Sebastian from our Operations department, will introduce themselves. They will elaborate on their tasks and their collaboration within the team!

What is your background and what experiences did you gather there that you can use within the Human Power Team?

Britt: I studied Mechanical Engineering. Last year I finished my Bachelor. During my education we perform much group work, we did about nine group projects. During these projects we were guided by teachers and student mentors. They encourage everyone to take on different roles during the projects. At a certain moment I became chair of such a project. I found out that I really liked this role and try to apply this experience in the Human Power Team. During a project at high school we produced a solar boat and I knew then that I really liked technical projects.

Sebastian: I study Civil Engineering. In my study I gain a lot of technical knowledge, for example about physics. I can use this technical knowledge when looking for new partners for the team!

Charlotte: I study Aerospace Engineering. During my education I learned a lot about aerodynamics. I like to put the theory into practise. I also like to really produce something and take a step further that just the design process, which we do in my study!


What is the most important thing you learned so far in the Human Power Team that you would not have learned during your studies?

Charlotte: I think learning to produce the things you designed. At Aerospace Engineering you can only make a wingbox. So we are not allowed to make a full end product but only a small part. 

Sebastian: In your study you learn to solve sums in a perfect world from theory. At the Human Power Team nothing is completely ideal. We have to learn how to deal with this. 

Britt: That is true, every function also has to learn something about risk management. That is indeed different than taking a subject. If something goes wrong during a project you get credit for analysing the problem and where things went wrong, which is super informative! 

Charlotte: If something goes wrong in our team it has a large impact and we have to look for solutions immediately.

Britt: But it stays informative of course!

Sebastian: I think we also learn to look at what we could achieve due to these risks. And based on this decide on what we are going to do. Britt what have you learned this year?

Britt: Normally I am not really empathetic and I have learned to become this a lot more this year due to the collaboration with many different people. Friends also tell me they have noticed this. Moreover I gave a lot of presentations during this year, I was not scared to give them before but right now I completely don’t mind giving a presentation.


How do you collaborate within the team?

Charlotte: I go to Sebas when I need certain things in order for him to try to arrange them.

Sebastian: That’s right because I look for companies to arrange stuff when the engineers need new things!

Charlotte: I also come up with clever answers when you get difficult questions on our social media accounts. In this way we all help each other bit by bit! 

Britt: Sebas and I help each other weekly during the Operations meeting. We also go to events together and try to solve problems within the team.

Charlotte: If there are not enough engineers you can also count on Sebas to take pictures and to help  with the engineering.

Sebastian: And I like cooking when the engineers are too busy! By the way what is your favourite part of the VeloX?

Charlotte: The shells of course!

Britt: I like the shifting cassette a lot because this is a bit like what I learned during Mechanical Engineering. But I like the frame a lot too!

Sebastian: Yes, I do so too! It is really sleek and every part of the bicycle is attached to the frame.

Charlotte: Next to that I also like the electrobox a lot, it fits perfectly! Actually there is no part of the bike that is not my favourite part, I even dream about the bike.


Are we going to break the world record?

Britt: Yes I believe we will!

Charlotte: I think so too! 

Sebastian: YES!

Charlotte: Especially after seeing the last testing days when everything went pretty well. And hearing how positive the athletes are about how their power is transferred in the VeloX 9 I am convinced we will.