Meet the Team – Friso & Julia

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The next Meet the Team! Introducing to you from left to right: Friso & Julia. In this article they will talk about the upcoming year and how they experience it.

Friso is our Aerodynamics Engineer & Julia Chief Human Power.

What’s your background and which associated skills do you use for HPT?

F: I’m a student of Applied Physics at the TU Delft. I’ve had a few subjects and practical classes on general transport phenomena, aerodynamics and fluid dynamics. At the practicals we briefly worked with CFD’s to visualise airflow around buildings. I currently use the same software, applied to the VeloX.

J: To see how much air will hit the VeloX then?

F: Yes, how much air resistance we’ll have and which value of CdA we get. And you Julia?

J: I’m enrolled in movement sciences, I’m currently in my second year and I previously studied physiotherapy. One thing I can use for HPT is all the knowledge I acquire from my studies, to give the best possible advice to the athletes and to train and coach them effectively. While studying physiotherapy I gained a lot of experience with a board year,  useful for my position as chief Amsterdam. I had to organise a lot of different things and make sure everyone completed their tasks, something you’ll also learn from group projects except now I’m not the only person actually doing the work haha!

How do you experience working part time/full time?

J: at the start it was something to get used to, as it does mean combining two things at the same time. You have to align your studies and HPT with each other. I’ve gotten into the flow of dividing my time up now. Would you rather work as a part timer Friso?

F: I do prefer working full time, I think it’s more enjoyable. You’re at the office with everyone so you can see the others very often. It’s easy to become friends and actually we all clicked from the start. Communication is a bit easier as well. Besides that everyone is united in a single goal at the end of the year.

J: I do miss that a bit, sometimes I’d really like to have just a single goal rather than two different subjects. On the other hand, the variation is fun. And the two things overlap as well, because my field of study deals with movement and HPT does too.

What’s it like working in a male environment?

F: It’s fun, I’m surrounded by guys in my part of the office.

J: I do think I’m happy to have Sara-Ferra every once in a while.

F: Of course we have operations and management for balance in the other part of the office.

What’s your most special experience with HPT up to now?
J: I think it’s bringing a team together full of incredibly smart and ambitious people and many diverse personalities that come together so well.  At the team weekend, when we only knew each other for a week, we already had a great bond.

F: Yeah I agree, there was a click with everyone from the first moment. It’s nice to work together with people from different backgrounds, like the Amsterdam department or when getting in contact with companies.  I think the most unique moment still needs to arrive: the race, and possibly specifically for aero the foam test. That’s what I’m looking forward to!

J: The race or the foam test?!?! That’s an easy choice for me..

F: Haha yeah, from a technical perspective it’s two different challenges, because everything is very theoretical right now while things are actually modeled in real life at the foam test. Does everything actually fit in our design? What will be your coolest moment Julia?

J: I think it’s going to be the race, you’re working towards it for a full year after all. When everything comes together, that’ll be an awesome experience for all of us. The foam test is pretty fun as well of course haha!

The picture is made by our photographer: Bas de Meijer


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