Meet the Team – Mischa, Marije & Jan-Douwe

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Do you want to know more about the people being part of Human Power Team 9? In this third edition of Meet the Team our Coach Jan-Douwe, Project Manager Marije and Human Machine Interface Engineer will introduce themselves by elaborating on their role in the team and what they have so far learned this year.

What do you do every day?

Mischa: I keep myself busy with all electronics in the bicycle so that in the future little will go wrong with it.

Marije: On a daily base I am planning the production and the process we go through in this project. Next to that I make sure that team members communicate with each other to ensure people know what the plans are.

Jan-Douwe: How do you like chasing team members to make sure they do their job and communicate with each other? Do they listen to you?

Marije: This year I notice the differences in how team members communicate. It is really fun to notice that. I now know how to handle this! For example Mischa always needs several reminders to fill out a date picker so I always remind him several times. Mischa what will your future look like?

Mischa: I want to work in a multidisciplinary team. I like working on a big subject and using my expertise to handle it. This makes sure I can focus while other people are working on other stuff. I do not want to think about the big picture.

Marije: Jan-Douwe how do you fit in this picture?

Jan-Douwe: In the future I would also like to work in a multidisciplinary team. I really like that now. Sometimes I also feel an engineer, although not everyone agrees. I produce the engines of the bicycle! Which is of course absolutely the most important. Next to that I am also taking a course in Delft right now so I am a real engineer!


How do your departments work together?

Marije: I belong to the management so I don’t really have a department. I make sure that people work together.

Jan-Douwe: I would say that the most difficult collaboration within our team, is the one between the departments in Delft and the department in Amsterdam.  But nowadays due to the communication possibilities Amsterdam is way closer than you would think and that goes pretty well.

Mischa: I am busy with the communication of the coaches. I make sure that the encouragement of the coaches reach the athletes in the bike. Therefore I am in touch about this with Jan-Douwe on several occasions.

Marije: Jan-Douwe and I work together often to organize the training days. JD of course trains our athletes and keeps them up to date about many things. Next to that JD as a coach makes the protocols for the training days.


What did you learn so far?

Mischa: So far I have learned about programming and electronics. In my studies Industrial design I only learned the basics and now I can learn more about this. First I did this more at home as a hobby, for instance by making my own 3D-printer.

Jan-Douwe: I do not have a background as movement scientist, therefore I learned a lot about exercise physiology and how to build an optimal training. Strengthening someone is something different than caring for someone, massaging and healing an injury which I learned as a physiotherapist.

Marije:  You learn many things that you do not encounter in your studies. We are actually running a small company in which we encounter different problems. 


Are we going to break the world record?

Marije: Everything has to come together but I certainly believe in it!

 Mischa: We are going to end the year successfully for sure whether we break the record or not.

 Jan-Douwe: We have no influence on the weather but we can optimise everything else and we will make sure we do that!