Meet the Team – Simone, Ruben & Joris

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This is already the third Meet the Team! Introducing to you from left to right: Simone, Ruben & Joris. In this article they will talk about the upcoming year and how they experience it.

Simone is our PR & Partnerships, Ruben our coach for the athletes & Joris the Drive Train Engineer.

What is your background and which associated skills do you use for HPT?

R: I’m a student in Human Movement Sciences at the VU Amsterdam and I use this knowledge in HPT to make training schedules and monitor the athletes during practices to make sure the athletes can perform at their best in Battle Mountain.

J: I am enrolled in mechanical engineering at TU Delft. In HPT, I mainly use knowledge from my studies to design and build an efficient and light drivetrain. To succeed in doing that, I need to do tolerances, adjustments and lots of milling and turning. It is a lot of applying theory, that I learned in my studies, in practice.

S: I just graduated my bachelor’s in Industrial Design Engineering. Apart from graphic skills that I use in Social Media posts, I also learned to communicate during my bachelor’s and that’s a really important skill for when I need to contact partners for contracts or collaborations.

R: So Simone, are you also designing the shell of the Velox then?

S: No, that’s what the design contest is for! (Keep an eye on the website, because more information about the design contest will be posted next week!)

What is it like to work parttime/fulltime?

R (parttime): HPT is quite busy so sometimes it’s hard to combine with my studies, but up until now I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I hope to continue this the upcoming half year, but I like working for HPT much better than studying so sometimes I prioritize fun things from HPT over my studies haha.

S (fulltime): So Ruben, would you rather take a year off from your studies to work fulltime for HPT?

R (parttime): Yes, I would definitely consider it. When you work fulltime for a project, you have one thing to focus on. Combining parttime work for HPT with my studies can sometimes be a little chaotic. For example, I sometimes have a lab practical in the afternoon and somewhere in between I have to make the training schedules for HPT as well. That can be a little stressful and chaotic sometimes. I think it would be easier if I could have HPT as my sole focus fulltime, but maybe I should ask you guys if that’s true haha.

J (fulltime): I mostly agree with you on that. I like it that I’m here five days a week because in the morning, I can just continue where I left off the day before. People expect me to be here every day from nine to five and that gives structure to my work life, which I like.

S (fulltime): I mostly agree with that as well. However, the days can very much be the same sometimes, so I do enjoy it when I get to do something else as well. Luckily, I can, but I don’t if that’s the same for you guys?

J (fulltime): I do notice the difference with a regular year of study. For example, now I only have my nights off so I’m not really flexible to do other things.

R (parttime): I’m quite flexible and definitely have time do other things, because we don’t really have set office hours. We just work when there’s work that needs to be done.

What is it like to be in a men-/women team?

R: At the office in Amsterdam, where I work, the ratio men/women is equal so I don’t really notice anything. I think that the person who’s best at the job, should be the one to do it whether that’s a man or a woman.

S: Wow, how emancipated of you!

J: I’m in a male office and that goes well, but I would also enjoy being in a female office. It both has its pro and cons.

S: I’m in a female office and that’s nice, but I would also like it if the ratio was a little more equal.

R: However, the ratio in HPT is equal!

What is your most special experience with HPT up until now?

S: For me, that was the team weekend. I really enjoyed seeing the team bond so well after such a short time. More work-related, I really enjoy going to some of our collaborating partners. For example, some companies make their products in their own factory and seeing this whole production process is interesting, especially since it lines up with my study interests as well.

J: I don’t have one specific highlight, but I just really enjoy designing and building everything. I like the whole process!

R: I really enjoyed the roll-out from HPT9 as one of the first HPT-events I got to attend.  When I saw that, I thought ‘wow, someday we will also stand here as HPT10 with our own bike!’. For me, that was a really special moment to see what we’re working towards.
I also went to Lode together with Simone and Friso and as a movement scientist, that’s a lot of fun because they have all these cool gadgets and everything!

What do you guys look forward to the most?

Everyone: THE RACE!

The picture is made by our photographer: Bas de Meijer