Meet the Team – Valerie, Thijs-Gerrit & Dirk

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Finally you can meet the new Human Power Team! Introducing to you from left to right: Valerie, Thijs-Gerrit & Dirk. In this article they will talk about the upcoming year and how they experience it.

Valerie is our Team Manager, Thijs-Gerrit our Aerodynamics Engineer & Dirk our Structure Engineer.

What is you background and what knowledge do you use during Human Power Team?

Valerie: I am a 4th year Architecture student. I actually don’t use my study as much. Sometimes I can use my knowledge about design processes to help the engineers.

Dirk: For me it’s a little bit different. I use the knowledge from different courses of Aerospace engineering about mechanics of materials during Human Power Team. These courses are very useful because I build the structure of the VeloX. What about you Thijs – Gerrit

Thijs-Gerrit: My background is Maritime Engineering.  I use about everything I have learned in the past year during HPT. Last year I did my first year of my masters. I can use everything concerning the predictions of resistance of ships.

V: What has aerodynamics to do with ships? Air and water resistance are different right?

TG: It is funny you ask that. Air and water behave identical on low speeds. The water is about 1000x heavier. The physics laws are the same so you can make the same assumptions. Conclusion: they work the same! The only thing you don’t have to take into account is waves. But the ground is very close to the VeloX. That is the difference between ships and bicycles.

Do you see yourself working on something like this in the future?

TG: Yes absolutely

V: What?

TG: In detail: studying currents and calculating Computational Fluid Dynamics. Short for fancy calculations on the computer.

V: I don’t know yet. My year with HPT for me is meant to search for other interests. Not only architecture. I like managing and architecture so maybe a combination is possible. I know for example that architecture offers Management in the Building Environment.

D: I am mainly interested in structural design and aerodynamics. That is why I study aerospace engineering

V: Aren’t you going to build a rocket?

D: I am not really a space fan,  but aerodynamics on high speeds are very interesting!

V: So Rockets?

D: Maybe yes. Or a returning satellite that re-enters the atmosphere. But I also like this and would like to work at a company that builds something new and very awesome!

V: A VeloX!

D: Yes haha. Building the VeloX is a test for me whether or not I still like doing this after a year

TG: For me it is exactly the other way around. I have already chosen my specialty and now I can check if I like it or not.

What is your most special experience during HPT until now?

D&TG: That still needs to come!

V: For me it was choosing my position within the team as a Team Manager. I have to find the balance between being strict and fun.

D: I mostly like that we have a really fun group. I am curious how it will go when we are going to build the VeloX, but I thinks it is going to be a relieve and awesome moment when it is finally done. And ofcourse the race! But that is still far ahead and coming.

TG: My most special moment was when Friso and I drew the first shell. We finally got an idea of how our Tandem would look like. Also in the summer I went with HPT 9 to wind tunnel test. That was a great experience!

V: What I also liked was when we finally choose the athletes! The engineering department could finally get to work with specific numbers and the Design of the VeloX finally came to life!

TG: Yeaahh it became more specific than!

What do you look most forward to?

All: Break the world record!

D: The race yes and how it goes: how we handle stress and chaos

V: I also look forward to all the important moments like, Design presentation, the first test weekend and the roll-out ofcourse!

The picture is made by our photographer: Bas de Meijer


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