The Human Power Team athletes are carefully selected from a lot of motivated athletes. The Human Movement Scientists from the VU Amsterdam conduct three selection rounds, in which they aim to find the perfect fit. We test the endurance and sprint capabilities of the athletes with a variety of tests and conduct a series of interviews. We try to make sure we select athletes that are not only physically capable to break the world record, but are also just as motivated and excited as the rest of the team to work towards this goal for one year.


Throughout the year, the athletes are trained by the Human Power Team coaches. These Human Movement Sciences students provide the athletes with training schedules which focus on endurance, sprinting, strength and core stability. By training their core, the athletes become better equipped to stabilise the VeloX.

Racing in a VeloX

Being able to race in a VeloX takes a whole new motor skill which the athletes need to learn. To prepare the athletes, they start training on a recumbent bike as soon as possible. They get used to the balance and transfer of power necessary for cycling in a VeloX. While the engineers are busy designing and building the VeloX 10, the athletes spend time learning to ride in an old VeloX. Then, when the VeloX 10 is ready the athletes spend training days riding down a closed down road to master riding a VeloX. They do not yet get the full experience, but they get as close to racing in a VeloX as possible in the Netherlands.

Full package

Being able to break the Human Powered World Speed Record requires more than just extensive training. Together with the athletes, the Human Power Team focusses on a whole range of factors. Some examples are nutrition, mental strength, taper and acclimatisation. The Human Movement Scientists use the latest research developments in these areas to optimally prepare the atletes for the record attempt.

Kees Cornelissen

Age 21 - Lives in Wageningen - Studies Nutrition & Health

How he became an HPT Athlete

I am Kees Cornelissen, 21 years old. I grew up near Zeeland, the village, not the province, but moved to Wageningen to study Nutrition & Health. Currently I am following a master's degree that specializes in Sensory Science. In my childhood I competed in football, tennis and cycling. After moving to Wageningen I got into rowing for a couple of years, but unfortunately I had to quit recently. However, my drive and competitiveness were not gone. So when I read about the opportunity to be an athlete in the Human Power Team, I did not hesitate and signed up right away. It is amazing to be part of this team and I am determined to give it all the upcoming year and push the limit.

Emil Löwik

Age 21 - Lives in Utrecht - Studies Biology 

How he became an HPT Athlete

My name is Emil Löwik, I currently live and study in Utrecht. I consider Utrecht my hometown despite having lived in Namibia, Norway and Italy during my childhood. I study biology and plan to finish my bachelor at the beginning of next year. Besides school and studies I have always loved sports. I played football most my life and started ice speed skating three years ago. I enjoyed this so much that I stopped playing football to be able to spend more time on the ice. I picked up cycling this year to better prepare for the winter. A friend informed me about the Human Power Team and I am super excited to now be a part of this team! 

Joris van Nieuwkerk

Age 25 - Lives in Amsterdam - Finishing up his Msc. Financial Economics

How he became an HPT Athlete

My name is Joris van Nieuwkerk, currently living in Amsterdam, a student of Msc. Financial Economics at the Erasmus University, cyclist at WV de Amstel and since recently part of the HPT. For the upcoming weeks my main focus is on finishing my Master thesis about the effect of a firm’s founder-owner's death on the firm's performance.  I’ve always been an active and competitive person, when I was younger I played tennis, golf and hockey until I became a student. A couple of years ago I started my Bachelor Business Economics at the VU and in addition I started rowing at A.S.R. Nereus. I like to be part of a team and to have a common goal to pursue. Besides rowing, as a form of additional training, we cycled in the summer. The freedom and happiness of exploring the world on a bike made me decide to quit rowing and start cycling in a more dedicated way and even begin to participate in competitive events. When the opportunity arrived to become a part of the HPT I was thrilled to apply and now after a couple of selection rounds I can proudly say that I’m part of it! A new common goal to pursue with a team of dedicated, ambitious and fanatic members. Looking forward to the summer already like everybody does when it’s cold, rainy and dark outside, but even more to the team performance and the accompanying new world speed record! 

Thijmen Polman

Age 22 - Lives in Zoetermeer 

How he became an HPT Athlete

My name is Thijmen Polman. I am 22 years old and born in Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland. I study in the Hague and Utrecht. For the past years I competed on the highest level as an ice speed skater. Last year I decided to quit speed skating so I could find new goals in life. With the human power team I found a perfect new goal and  I'm ready to give everything what's inside me.