Side window


Because there is no front window in the VeloX2, we made the decision to put in two side windows. These windows allow us to keep eye contact with the cyclist before the start, and to get some light in the bike. Another function is to keep the cyclist in the reality that he is flying down the road at high speed and not playing a video game! A little adrenaline is good for the power output.

Zijraam1  Zijraam2 

Power drive chain

To achieve a speed of at least 134kph with the VeloX 2 we need a special drive chain. The 28” front wheel will spin at a speed of around 1000 rpm! If the cyclist provides a cadence of 100 rpm, we need a gear ratio of 1:10. A normal bicycle achieves a gear ratio of 1:4 or 1:5.

To achieve this much larger gear ratio in the VeloX2 the drive train contains two stages. The first drivetrain starts with a 97 teeth chainring, connected to a 5 speed derailleur system. The second stage connects the secondary shaft to the front wheel and provides an extra step up gear ratio.

The lightest gear is just light enough to get going, but still comparable to the highest gear on a racing bike.

To keep the whole drivetrain withing the very tight size constraints inside Velox 2 the derailleur system is on the left side of the bike (opposite from a normal bike). This way the derailleur falls into a dropout in the frame, and the cyclists legs have just enough space to spin round.


Handle bars

Even the handle bars of the VeloX2 are special! To allow the space inside the VeloX2 to be used optimally, we have designed a special stem together with BBB Cycling parts that fits inside the the VeloX2. The cyclist will hold bar ends to get a good grip on the handlebars and have the brakes and shifter within reach. There are also some extra controls on the handlebars, like the 'push to talk' button for the radio system.

Stuurpen1  Stuurpen2 

Custom made suit for the VeloX2


Yes, that’s right, for the VeloX2 we have designed and made together with Tijger Leathers a custom leather crash suit for the VeloX2. This suit is made from the same high quality leather that protects motorcyclists. This is to protect the VeloX2 from crash damage during one of the many training sessions. Last year we had a lot of repair work due to crashes and with this suit we can not only do our self but also our collegue teams (in the same workspace) a favor by not continuously sanding and repairing the fairings!

Suit1  Suit2 

Assembly of StuD-Drives

After the design and build of the two earlier functioning StuD-Drives, the third and final version is finished! This final system is manufactured together with machine builder Denissen Techniek. With their experience and machining facilities consisting of multiple and various CNC machines this third system is finally functioning flawlessly.

A total of 5 systems is produced, 1 for each cyclist and one for the VeloX2. At the moment, Jan Bos, Alwin Visker and Wil Baselmans are using Raptobikes converted to StuD-Drive. Their reactions are positive, “A sound and constructively good product! It does take some getting used to tough, my muscles aren’t quite accustomed to this movement yet" said Alwin Visker!

For the VeloX2 version the design was a bit more challenging since the SRM power meter also needs to be installed. With the SRM the cyclist can see exactly how much power he is producing to optimize his record performance. It also enables us to measure the efficiency of the bike.

Fram1  Frame3 

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