February Newsletter

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Dear reader,

Welcome to a new edition of our newsletter. We will provide a concise summary of the most remarkable moments of the last month and give a preview of the upcoming events.

First of all, we are happy to share with you that we have finished our shell design. This means that we are almost at the end of the Design Phase. Therefore, we would like to invite you to our Design Presentation on the 10th of march. During this night you will be the first to see the new design, and you will also get the chance to meet the team!

This newsletter also includes an interview with our athletes, a throwback story to the first VeloX and two new vlogs. Additionally, we would like to share with you that we have just finished our new website, which is online now. Excited by this content? Then keep on reading!

The first meters in a VeloX for Iris!

Design Presentation
To conclude the Design Phase, we would like to invite you to our Design Presentation on the 10th of March! During this evening, you will get to know the team, our athletes and we will reveal the design of the VeloX 7.
We will start the reception at 19:30, where we will serve tea and coffee. At 20:00 we will start the presentation. Afterwards, drinks will be served and you will get the chance to talk to the team. If you are coming, please let us know via our Facebook event and the Google Docs form. The location will be based on the number of attendees, so it will be announced later.

Test day
We had our very first test day! The purpose of these days is to let the new athletes learn to ride a VeloX. This is like learning how to cycle all over again! For this test day, we used the VeloX 4. It matches the size of our athletes, and is (for a VeloX) easily accessible. We have completely covered the outside of the VeloX with foam to avoid damage when it would fall. Perfect for learning! In order to ride without any assistance, the VeloX has to be pushed above a certain speed. To stop the VeloX without falling, there are also people at the end of the road to catch it. Overall, it was a very successful test day and we are happy to say we have made a lot of progress.

Interview with Strongher
Our athletes Iris Slappendel and Aniek Rooderkerken wrote a blog for Strongher, a stage for women who love cycling. They share their stories on how they became part of the Human Power Team and their perspectives on attacking the world record. Want to know the full story? Read the article!

New website
We are proud to announce that our new website is online. It is designed from scratch with a completely new look. Check it out!

Shell finished
After months of hard work and dedication, we are proud to announce that we have finished our shell design. Reason for our Aerodynamics Department to celebrate! Together with our new partner Jules Dock, we have recently started production of the moulds. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of our shell!

Throwback to the first VeloX
In the run-up to our Design Presentation on the 10th of March, we’ll share the history of the Human Power Team on our Facebook page. Here is the story of the first VeloX!
In 2009, a new world record was broken by the Canadian Sam Wittingham at Battle Mountain: 133 km/h in a human powered vehicle. This record was achieved by riding an aerodynamic recumbent bicycle. It gathered attention from people all around the world. When some students from Delft heard about this, they were impressed and intrigued, but also inspired. They thought about how much faster they could go if they were to build an even more technically advanced bike. The students came to a decision: to break the world record with their own bike within 3 years. Thus the Human Power Team was born. Made out of a carbon-fibre frame and a precisely engineered aerodynamic shell, the very first VeloX was born.

The goal for the first year was to design and produce a bike to participate in the yearly race for the fastest bikes in the world, the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC). Not only did Sebastiaan Bowier win the WHPSC 2011, he also broke the European speed record with 130 km/h. A fantastic result for our first year!

Athlete’s expectations of the year
In the following two vlogs, Aniek and Iris share why they applied for this challenge, and their expectations of the coming year.

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Human Power Team