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Dear reader,

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. In this newsletter, we will provide a concise summary of our most remarkable moments this month. We have made some major steps in the design phase of the VeloX 7. To optimize this design, we have carried out several tests and measurements: for example the foam measurement and wind-tunnel test.

Additionally, a camera crew came by to shoot an episode for  the TV-show ‘de Buitendienst’. However, they were not the only ones this month to be using a camera. We have made several informative vlogs this month. You can find some of these vlogs as blue links throughout this newsletter.

Do you want to know more about the design progress and the many other things that have happened? Then keep on reading!

Wind tunnel test
On January 4, a wind tunnel test was held at the aerospace department of the Delft University of Technology. A model of the VeloX 7 was first slightly heated using construction lamps. The model was then placed in a wind tunnel so cold air could stream around it. Depending on the shape of the VeloX 7, the air stream would cool down certain area’s; turbulent airflow, which reduces the overall performance, cools down the VeloX 7 the most. By using an infrared camera we could see the temperature gradients around the VeloX 7, thus determining the turbulent areas. This way we can see which parts can still be optimized for the best performance.

Foam measurement
A foam measurement of the VeloX 7 was done to see if our athletes were able to fit into it. For this measurement, sections of the shape of the VeloX were cut into the slabs of foam to produce the inner profile of the shell. The athletes would sit in the cavity to test how well they would be able to cycle in it. Some minor problems with Aniek regarding the movement of her feet were found. An extra challenge for the engineers!

Matthijs and Yannick of a TV program called “De Buitendienst” visited us to shoot a clip. This episode of their show is about how to win a triathlon without any physical preparation. Our training of the athletes involves a lot of strategic energy management and optimizations, so our team manager, Emiel de Boer, told them everything they needed to know about this during the interview. It will be aired on January 27th on Zapp.

Last month Aniek has also been interviewed by the newspaper ‘Trouw’. She explained why she joined the Human Power Team and what her perspective is on her attempt of riding a world record. Curious to see what she has to tell? Read her article in Trouw !

Recumbent bikes
Aniek and Iris have received their own recumbent bikes last month. The first meters have already been ridden! There is still a long way to go to the world record in Battle Mountain, but we are confident that they’ll make it!

3D model
Last month, 3D scans have been made from Iris and Aniek. This way, we have the exact dimensions of our athletes so we can fully customize the VeloX 7 around them.

We attended two events the past month, the ‘Zesdaagse van Rotterdam’ en ‘InfraTech’. We’ve spoken to many people who came to check out our stand.

Did you know that…
… our engineers have attended a workshop of Enginia this month to become even better in Solid Edge?
… the team Alumni have visited us to discuss the VeloX 7 design? We have received a lot of good criticism, which means that there is still much work to do!

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