We would like to thank our donors! Thanks to your contribution, we were able to test at RDW and make our way to Battle Mountain

Crowdfunding donors

A special thanks to the people below, who helped us reach our crowdfunding goal!

D. Ivanyi - Beranek

G. Teuwen

P. van Bentem

M. Kollmann

P. Markensteijn & L. van Kalsbeek

H. van Bergen

F. Krabbenborg

M. Krabbenborg

C. Markensteijn

C. & B. Walg

G. Bos

N. Draijer

W. G. J. Hansen

M. & M. Teuwen

F. Colin

J. van Tienderen

Familie Ivanyi

J. Krabbenborg

C. van der Wal

L. & I. van Dijk

M. Krabbenborg

Familie van de Krol

G. & M. Seigers

S. Albers

E. Crabbendam

P. Gast

A. van Kalsbeek

M. Trooster



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