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The 9th Human Power Team is almost complete.  Are you interested in joining a multidisciplinary dreamteam and a student at TU Delft or VU Amsterdam? Come by the dreamhall in Delft or our brand new office in Amsterdam for a cup of coffee and we can tell you all about what it is like to be part of our team for a year. Just email us, or call/app 06-53155204. Anyone who started studying in 2016 or earlier can apply.

We are still recruiting team members for the following positions - you can apply until June 10th 2018:

PR & Acquisition You'll have a lot of contact with different companies, where you are responsible for everything that is involved in partnerships: from the first conversation to the final deal. In this you negotiate, and come up with creative ways in which both the team and the partner get the best. Besides this you will be responsible for the branding of the Human Power Team. You will be part of the operations department (3 people) and together you make sure the project can be realised financially and are in charge of large events, like the rollout in the summer. Since the department is small, you will have a lot of freedom and autonomy, and work together very closely.



Stephanie Wiechers – Team Manager – TU Delft – Aerospace Engineering
Michiel Zeelenberg – Technical Manager – TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering
Mirre van Duin – Chief Human Power – VU Amsterdam – Movement Sciences
Thijs Bon – Chief Engineer – TU Delft – Applied Physics
Julia Weiffenbach – Financial Manager & Aerodynamics Engineer – TU Delft – Applied Physics
Midas Becker – Partner Relations & Drivetrain Engineer – TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering
Emma Hoes – Sports Engineer – TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering
Juul Hubert – Coach – VU Amsterdam – Movement Sciences
Inge Huberts – Coach – VU Amsterdam – Movement Sciences
Hannah Timmermans – Research Analyst – VU Amsterdam – Movement Sciences
Michiel Goderie – Aerodynamics Engineer – TU Delft – Aerospace Engineering
Jens de Zoete – Human Machine Interface – TU Delft – Aerospace Engineering
Joost Jeschke – Structural Engineer – TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering
Isabel Huiskes – Design – TU Delft – Architecture
Meike Schuringa – Public Relations – TU Delft – Industrial Design
Joep Meij – Drivetrain Engineer – TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer Breet – Athlete
Lieke de Cock – Athlete