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Students - The applications for the operations department for the 10th Human Power Team are still open! Scroll down for more information about the functions you can apply for. You can apply by sending your motivation letter and CV in one pdf-file to:

Athletes - Interested in becoming the 10th Human Power Team's athlete? Send an email to for more information or to apply. You can also look up some more information about being an athlete for the Human Power Team at our athlete page. The selection will start in the summer period.


Chief Operations
The Chief Operations is responsible for PR and acquisition. Just like the others within the operations department, the CO is frequently in contact with external parties that want to make a financial, material or educational contribution to the project and is responsible for the appearance of the team. A specific task of the CO is leading the operations meetings. The CO is also the connection to the other departments by being a part of the management team.

"It’s really awesome to speak to (potential) partners and hear their enthusiasm and astonishment about our project." - Leanne van Bentem
PR & Acquisition
The PR & Acquisition department is responsible for bringing the team in contact with partners who can help us with knowledge, materials, production and funding. Besides this the department also takes care of events, social media, press and other exciting non-engineering matters! You develop a broad knowledge of the technical properties of our project and learn how to communicate professionally with companies, create a network and bring the VeloX to nationwide attention.


"I really like that I can contribute to very different aspects of the VeloX, from materials and production to its funding and presentation." - Sebastian Hartgring


"I like the fact that I’m responsible for different non-technical tasks so that my days differ while I can still gain more insights into the technical aspects of building a bike." - Cecile Volten


Britt Krabbenborg – Team Manager – TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering
Marije Markensteijn – Project Manager – TU Delft – Industrial Design Engineering
Leanne van Bentem – Chief Operations & Financial Manager – TU Delft – Life Science & Technology
Cécile Volten – Partnerships & Public Relations – TU Delft – Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management
Sebastian Hartgring – Partnerships & Public Relations – TU Delft – Civil Engineering
Tomas Gast – Chief Engineer – TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering
Charlotte Iványi – Aerodynamics Engineer – TU Delft – Aerospace Engineering
Bart van de Krol – Aerodynamics Engineer – TU Delft – Aerospace Engineering
Flip Colin – Structural Engineer – TU Delft – Industrial Design Engineering
Rick Wasserman – Drivetrain Engineer – TU Delft – Applied Physics
Margot Honkoop – Sports Engineer – TU Delft – Industrial Design Engineering
Mischa de Haan – Human Machine Interface – TU Delft – Industrial Design Engineering
Linda Vermeulen – Chief Human Power – VU Amsterdam – Human Movement Sciences
Jan-Douwe Seigers – Coach – VU Amsterdam – Human Movement Sciences
Emma van Dijk – Coach – VU Amsterdam – Human Movement Sciences
Martijn van der Wal – Research Analyst – VU Amsterdam – Human Movement Sciences
Jennifer Breet – Athlete
Rosa Bas – Athlete


Stephanie Wiechers
Team Manager
Michiel Zeelenberg
Technical Manager
Thijs Bon
Chief Engineer
Mirre van Duin
Chief Human Power
Julia Weiffenbach
Aerodynamics Engineer & Financial Manager
Michiel Goderie
Aerodynamics Engineer
Joost Jeschke
Structural Engineer
Midas Becker
Drivetrain Engineer & Acquisition
Joep Meij
Drivetrain Engineer
Emma Hoes
Sports Engineer
Jens de Zoete
Electrical Engineer
Juul Hubert
Inge Huberts
Hannah Timmermans
Research Analyst
Isabel Huiskes
Meike Schuringa
PR Manager
Lieke de Cock
Jennifer Breet


Emiel de Boer
Team Manager
Reinier Goudswaard
Chief Engineer
Maarten Blankenspoor
Technical Manager
Marco Korf
Chief Human Power
Arianne Schiereck
Aerodynamics Engineer
Laurens Feije
Aerodynamics Engineer
Rakesh Yuvaraj
Aerodynamics Engineer
Sumedh Jain
Aerodynamics Engineer
Yash Shah
Aerodynamics Engineer
Jens van Houwelingen
Drivetrain & Ergonomics Engineer
Remco Boere
Drivetrain Engineer
Coen van der Werf
Structural Engineer
Frédérique Oosterbaan
Frame Engineer
Joris Belier
Electrical Engineer
Joel Abrahams
Software Engineer
Henry Tang
Partnerships & Financial Manager
Daphne Fahmer
Partnerships Manager
Hanne Dijkstra
PR Manager
Iris Siemons
Mathijs van der Meer
Saskia Balledux
Research Analyst
Anand Sie
Aniek Rooderkerken
Iris Slappendel


Hugo Lambriex
Team Manager
Milan Vermeulen
Process Manager
Rutger van Maris
Chief Engineer
Puck Alkemade
Chief Human Power
Tijmen Pollack
Structural Engineer
Hessel Tijseling
Drivetrain Engineer
Nick Dekkers
Chief Aerodynamics
Jelte Grasmeijer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Ralph Krook
Aerodynamics Engineer
Flip Alkemade
Electronics Engineer
Bryan Yip
Control and Stability Engineer
Edwin Reuvers
Human Power
Maartje Hereijgers
Chief Operations
Esther de Mol
Chief Finance
Jan Bos
Rick Flens


Berend Kreynen
Jones Amit
Stijn Hofstee
Gijs Bouman
Karlie Kleissen
Dyan Kreynen
Thomas Gertsen
Luc Kootte
Jildou de Jong
Daan Velsink
Max Spanoghe
Jelle Luijkx
Thijs de Vos
Louk Timmer
Cleo Bol
Mats de Leeuw den Bouter
Taco Hoorn
Lieske Yntema
Robert Braam


Toine Hooijen
Dennis Berckmoes
Mats Overtoom
Marcel van Dijk
Ivo Huisman
Ruben Rink
Vincent van 't Laar
David Wielemaker
Samantha Wielemaker
Niels Waterval
Josh Salet
Rik Houwers
Christien Veelenturf


Wouter Lion
Bas Verhulp
Geert-Jan Roks
Menco Schuurman
Ruben Schulte
Mathieu Wernsen
Elias Allegaert
Rudi Schilder
Richard Dekker
Niels Tielen
Luuk van Vliet
Jelle de Jong
Jeroen van der Kall
Jenniver Kerkman
Nathalie Bruins
Anne Catherine van der Lande
Sebastiaan Bowier
Wil Baselmans


Paul Johan Denissen
Johan Lonsain
Andy Ang
Tijn van Omme
David Wielemaker
Eduard Wu
George-Emile Tokaya
Gaspard Bos
Michiel Bakker
Josry van der Meijs
Wilsun Cheung
Marije Goudriaan
Niels Lommers
Melissa Slewe
Rens Salomé
Manouk Markman
Kay Emanuel
Sebastiaan Bowier
Jan Bos
Alwin Visker
Wil Baselmans


Hajo Pereboom
David Wielemaker
Wouter Gregoor
Hendrik Houwers
Harmen Epema
Paul Denissen
Gjalt Annega
Sander van den Brand
Jesper Cornelissen
Bouke Kuiper
Cees-Jan van der Zweep
Rens de Boer
Chantal Simons
Chris Reichard
Sebastiaan Bowier
Jan-Willem Gabri
Gert-Jan Wijers
Pieter Hollebrandse