VeloX 7

After Months of designing, building and refining, we are proud to present the VeloX 7.

Designed for women and equipped with a real time feedback system, it is our most aerodynamic and technologically advanced VeloX yet. 


This year, the shell of the VeloX has been redesigned from the ground up. The choice of having a female athlete allows for a smaller over body, which allows a smaller shell. To add to this, the backwheelfairing (the external cover at the backwheel) is now seamlessly integrated into the body and 80% of the airflow around the shell is now laminar. There is no disturbance in the airflow on the tail anymore. Even at crosswinds. 


The structure is like the skeleton of the bike. It connects everything and holds everything in place. It is also the reason the VeloX is so stable and secure, even at high speeds. It is the part that has to provide the cyclist  with safety.

This year, we improved took the already good parts and improved them. Like the half split front frame, which creates an optimal positioning of the drivetrain and the single beams make sure the new front frame is stronger and more stable. The overall structure has been slimmed down to create a lighter and faster VeloX.



In order to be able to cycle 130 km/h, a large gear ratio is needed. At these speeds, the wheels will rotate fast: up to 14 times per pedal stroke. To realize this, a large gear ratio has to be implemented. In the VeloX 6, it was achieved by splitting the transmission up in two parts, but a large chainring with 100 teeth was still needed.

This year, the transmission of the VeloX 7 is still split into two smaller transmissions, but the gear ratio of the second smaller transmission has been increase. The result is a smaller chainring (44 teeth). For stability reasons in the VeloX 6, it was needed to align the chain parallel to the fork which was done by adding a sprocket. With the new drivetrain of the VeloX 7, the sprocket has become obsolete. These improvements result in the more efficient drivetrain of the VeloX 7.

User Interface

A new area we are working on this year, is a live feedback system. We believe that by coaching the athlete during the race, we can let them perform better. We do this by measuring different properties of the athletes during the race, like the heart rate, body temperature and oxygen intake. Combined with the data of the improved power curve, we can create better timing for the athlete to use a certain amount of power at a certain time. With this we can, sometimes against the intuition of the athlete, deliver better performances. We hope this coaching will help the athlete perform optimally during the race.