Meet the Team 2.0 – Sarel, Nienke & Sara-Ferra

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During the Covid-19 times, many things have changed. To keep you updated on how the team is experiencing these times, we interviewed the team again!

What will you be doing next year?

Sarel: Master in Applied Physics in the track Quantum Physics
Nienke: I will be doing a master in Applied Physics as well, but I haven’t chosen my track yet.
Sara-Ferra: I will be starting a Master in Human Movement Sciences and hopefully in the Performance track.
Sarel: Nienke, looks like we’ll be meeting again next year!

What are you doing in your free time right now?

Saar: I am finishing my bachelor’s degree.
Nienke: I taught myself how to juggle!
Sarel: I’m working, currently very busy with making a website.
Saar: What kind of website?
Sarel: It’s a website that recommends you the right product. I design it in Python, which I taught myself over the past weeks. It’s a working and learning experience at the same time.

What did you like most about the past year?
Sarel & Saar: The Design Presentation!
Saar: I also really enjoyed following the whole process from the beginning. The feeling that you’re working together towards a dream was really cool!
Sarel: Yeah, that’s true! However, I still enjoyed the Design Presentation the most.

What do you miss the most about the office days?

Nienke: The plants! (Nienke always watered our plants)
Sarel: The cosiness and lunch together, but also the Dreamhall itself. Working there is so cool!
Nienke: Not the CNC machines?
Sarel: No not really, but the whole ambiance of all the Dream teams that are working towards something special. What about you Saar?
Saar: I miss not being able to see the results of the training schedules we made. We made those while keeping in mind that we would be able to test the progression of the athletes. I miss not being able to do those tests.

What is the coolest thing on your work-at-home desk?

Saar: My desk is such a mess haha, but I think my music box because I can’t do without my music these days!
Nienke: My mug! It makes a cat noise when you lift it.
Sarel: My noise-canceling headphones! They tune out the sheep noises at my parent’s house, where I’m currently at.

Have you ever worn your pajamas during a Skype meeting?

Saar & Sarel: No, of course not!
Saar: I have worn my joggings though, but I always try to dress as if it’s a normal day, otherwise you get such a weird rhythm.
Nienke: Yes, you’re definitely less productive when in pajamas.


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