Meet the Team – Matthijs, Anne-Lokke & Rebecca

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This is the last Meet the Team! Introducing to you from left to right: Matthijs, Anne-Lokke & Rebecca. In this article they will talk about the upcoming year and how they experience it.

Matthijs is our Research Analyst, Anne-Lokke & Rebecca are from PR&Partnerships

What is your background and which associated skills do you use for HPT?

R: I’m in my 2nd year Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at the UvA, but currently participating in the selection process for Medicine Studies at the VU Amsterdam. That’s something completely different than PR&Partnerships. However, I do have to write and do team projects a lot in my studies and I can use those attained skills in HPT.

M: I’m in my 4th year of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, finishing my Bachelor’s. In the Engineering department, I can use a lot of things that I learned during my studies.

A: I’m in the process of finishing my Bachelor of Life Science & Technology (LST) at the TU Delft. I don’t really see the technical aspect of my studies coming back in my PR & Partnerships function with HPT. However, I can use the skills I attained during teamwork I did in my studies and committee work. It is for example very important in my function with HPT to correctly present HPT online and at events. I can, for sure, use my skills from studies and committee work in that.

What is it like to join the HPT team in the middle of the year?

R: In the beginning, it was hard because everyone is already super focused on the project and has already done a lot for the team. After all, I think I got adjusted and accepted into the team fast and can now talk very enthusiastically about our project as well!

M: I joined the team at the end of October. What I really liked about the HPT team, is that you become part of the team fast. It’s not like you have to fight for your spot as a new member, but instead everyone accepts and takes you seriously immediately. I now think of HPT as a super fun team!

A: I just started a week ago, but already find the team super fun! In the beginning, we had a super awkward photoshoot for this meet-the-team, but I really enjoyed that because it took off all the tension and shyness of meeting new people.

Are you doing something that you would like to do later as well?

R: No, for me not really. I’m (hopefully) starting my first year in Medicine next year, so probably not haha. I do think that the HPT experience I have now, will be something I can take with me in the future.

M: In the future, I can see myself doing something in the same direction as what I’m doing now. I really enjoy the designing and production process. In my studies, the production process is somewhat overseen sometimes, so it’s cool that I can do this part in HPT.

A: I think I want to continue in this direction. My study is very technical and I find that really interesting, but I think I would rather have a management function where I would have to oversee a technical project.

R: So then, will you be doing a master’s in that direction?

A: Yes, I want to do a double degree master LST and Communication Sciences.

Have you experienced any special moments withing HPT yet?

R: I don’t know if you can call this a special moment, but I got really excited when I got an enthusiastic response from a possible partner for the first time haha. We get a lot of negative responses, so when we talk to someone who’s interested in cooperating with us, it’s super fun.

M: An experience that I will not forget, is Velofollies. The travel was a bit much (3h drive), but definitely worth it. It was nice being at an event like that and talk to people that are interested in HPT.

What do you look forward to the most?

R: I look forward to our Design Presentation on February 13th! The Design Presentation will be my first real event with HPT and I look forward to enthusiastically talk to people about our project.

M: I very much look forward to the moment at which the practice bike I’m working on is finished. I look forward to the production phase and the race as well of course!

A: For now, I mostly look forward to starting with HPT for real and not just help out every once in a while. That will be in a week already!

If you are interested in visiting the Design Presentation of the Human Power Team. Via this link you can order a free ticket and via this link you can check out our Facebook event for more information!

The picture is made by our photographer: Bas de Meijer


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