Meet the Team – Niels, Tammo & Tara

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It’s already the 5th Meet the Team! Introducing to you from left to right: Niels, Tammo & Tara. In this article they will talk about the upcoming year and how they experience it.

Niels is our coach of the athletes, Tammo the Human Machine Interface en Tara our Chief Operations.

What is your background and which associated skills do you use for HPT?

Tara: I’m graduated in Industrial Design Engineering with a minor in Communication at TU Delft. I mainly use the knowledge that I attained during my minor in my function with HPT. For example, when being in contact with partners.

Tammo: I’m doing a master in Vehicle Engineering and more specifically the track ‘Human factors’ at the TU Delft. The main focus lies on the interaction between humans and vehicles. I think my studies are very much associated with my work for HPT. Right now, I’m working on making the human machine interface in the VeloX for which I can really use the knowledge I attained in my studies.

Niels: I study Human Movement Sciences at the VU Amsterdam. We learn a lot of theoretical things, but in HPT I have to apply everything in practice. That’s something to get used to because sometimes theories don’t match perfectly with practice because of changing variables of course.

Tammo: Right, as an Engineer, I experience the same thing. When designing the VeloX, we do a lot of trial & error runs, because you can’t always predict how something is going to work out completely even though you have enough theoretical knowledge about it.

What is it like to work part time/fulltime with HPT?

Tammo (fulltime): It’s hard work.

Tara (fulltime): Yes, true. However, I do enjoy working fulltime because you arrive at the office together every morning to work towards the same goal.

Niels (parttime): For me it’s different because I work part time. I like working part time because I now switch in between my studies and HPT which I like because I don’t have to do the same thing all the time.

Are you doing something that you would like to do later as well?

Tara: I find that hard to say. The work I want to do later might be in the same direction as what I’m doing now, but there’s still some time before I really graduate and have to make a decision.

Tammo: To be honest, I don’t even know what I’ll be doing next year haha! I really like the work I do for HPT, but I don’t know yet if that’s something I want to continue doing later on.

Niels: I really like what I do now. However, we do have to wait a long time before seeing any real results of the trainings, which I don’t like. That’s why I’m also interested in going into research even though I wasn’t interested in doing so before I started this project. Now I do consider both options.

What is your most special experience with HPT up until now?

Tara: I like our little roadtrips in our yellow van to events and partners the most!

Tammo: Haha! Yeah, I enjoy being at the events. At events, we talk about the project and what keeps us busy at the time with people that don’t know anything about it yet. I really like that because people are usually very impressed with what we’ve already accomplished.

Niels: I really enjoyed the feedback presentation we had last week.

What do you guys like and dislike the most about your duties now?

Tammo: I really like that I’m in contact with all the departments in HPT. For example, I have to talk with the Amsterdam office about certain measurements of the VeloX that they can then use in their work.

Tara: I enjoy visiting events and partners the most because we travel across the whole country. The least fun thing for me is having to work with Simone (=interviewer) all the time, pff 😉

Niels: I like coaching the athletes the most. For a Human Movement Scientist, that’s a really cool experience that you normally don’t experience during your studies. The thing I like the least is the waiting on the results to see if I succeeded as a coach.

What do you guys look forward to the most?

Tara: The race!

Tammo: I think the moment that the athletes are going to bike in the VeloX for the first time is going to be really exciting. The race as well of course!

Niels: I mostly look forward to the progression measurements, because that’s the first time for me to see any results and get an idea of how my trainings are working out. I think that’s going to be really fun!

Tara: I’m also really looking forward to the Design Presentation on February 13th! That’s going to be super cool!

If you are interested in visiting the Design Presentation of the Human Power Team. Via this link you can order a free ticket and via this link you can check out our Facebook event for more information!

The picture is made by our photographer: Bas de Meijer


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