Meet the Team – Sara-Ferra, Sarel & Nienke

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This week we are introducing you to the following team members in the fourth Meet the Team! Introducing to you from left to right: Sara-Ferra, Sarel & Nienke. In this article they will talk about the upcoming year and how they experience it.

Sara-Ferra is our Research Analyst for the Human Power Department, Sarel our Chief Engineer & Nienke the Financial & Project Manager.

What is your background and which associated skills do you use for HPT?

Sarel: I’m a student in applied physics at the TU Delft. During my studies, I developed a strong analytical thinking skill which I use in HPT to maintain overview over all the technical aspects of the project.

N: I’m a student in applied physics at the TU Delft as well. This study is quite broad which is why I more or less understand what every department is busy with and which makes it easier for me to maintain overview over the whole project.

Saar: I study human movement sciences at the VU Amsterdam. I use the knowledge I attained in my studies to guide the athletes as best as possible. This means doing physiological exercise testing but also psychological guidance of the athletes. Because of the broadness of my studies, I have knowledge of multiple sports aspects and can use these in HPT.

What is it like to work parttime/fulltime?

Saar (parttime): I would’ve preferred to work fulltime. The advantage of working fulltime is that you can give all your attention to the project and can expect others to do so as well.

N (fulltime): I agree, but I’m still doing other things next to the project as well, like sports or other hobbies. Shortly, I do distribute my attention over multiple things.

Sarel (fulltime): Yes, but during work hours, all your attention is with the project.

What is it like to be in a men-/women team?

Saar: At the office in Amsterdam, the ratio men/women is more or less equal, and I like that. I think I would go crazy if I would be in a team with just women or just men.

Sarel: I’m in a men’s team and I like it that way.

N: I really like that the men/women ratio in HPT is equal. I work in a women’s office and I like that because now it can always be warm and cozy at the office instead of having the temperature set at -10 degrees Celsius all the time haha!

What is your most special experience with HPT up until now?

Sarel: I thought the foamfitting was quite special, because a lot comes together then. Furthermore, it was very special to see what we started with and what we have now, after only a few months.

Saar: Just looking at the team, I really enjoyed the team weekend. The team really bonded, and I enjoyed seeing that. For HPT, I really liked the process of choosing the athletes, because for us, that’s when it really started.

N: I really enjoyed the production courses we got to experience, because there, we finally learned how to do practical things and I had never really done something like that before.

Are you doing something that you would like to do later as well?

Sarel: Maybe yes, but I’m not sure yet. Forming the bridge between technical stuff and management is something I might want to continue doing later in life.

N: I really like what I’m doing now, because it’s important for me to know something about all the different departments in the project and not just about one specific thing. I think I will enjoy that later in life as well. I might want to go a in a more technical direction later, but then in combination with a management function so that I would still have to keep some sort of overview over the project.

Saar: I find this a difficult question. I like working with people, but don’t see myself working in an office doing literature research every day. I think I would like to do a combination of both later.

What do you guys like and dislike the most about your duties now?

N: Keeping overview over the project is something I like the most. The least fun for me, is the stress that comes with my duties when things aren’t finished on time. I feel responsible when that happens.

Sarel: I agree with you that it is a lot of fun being busy with all the different departments in the project, but I also like the responsibility that comes with it. I do find it a little unfortunate sometimes that that causes the lack of depth in some things.

Saar: The thing I enjoy the most is the collaboration with the athletes and the research behind how the athletes must train so that they’re in their best possible shape during the race. The literature research in the office is the thing I like the least, which I mentioned earlier as well.

What do you guys look forward to the most?

N: The race!

Sarel: Yes, the race of course, but also the moment when the Velox will ride for the first time and everything works.

N: Yes, you’re right! That is going to be a very exciting and fun moment as well.

The picture is made by our photographer: Bas de Meijer


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