Meet the Team – Yannick & Shan

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This is the second-last Meet the Team! Introducing to you from left to right: Yannick & Shan. In this article they will talk about the upcoming year and how they experience it.

Yannick is our Sports Engineer & Shan parttime PR & Partnerships

What is your background and which associated skills do you use for HPT?

S: I study Industrial Engineering & Management at The Hague University. During my studies, I’ve attained many communication skills that I can now use with HPT.

Y: I’m majoring in Civil Engineering at the TU Delft. This knowledge in combination with my sports background is definitely of use when working with HPT in my function as Sports Engineer.

What is it like to work parttime/fulltime?

Y: I like working fulltime because I can put all my attention towards HPT.

S: The variation in work is something I like about working part-time. I’m never busy with just one thing. Instead I divide my days over HPT and my study. I do sometimes have a hard time keeping up with everything as a part-timer. On the days that I don’t work, other people do, so when I walk in the office a few days later, a lot of things have changed which can create some chaos.

Are you doing something that you would like to do later as well?

Y: I really like what I do now, but I think I’m going to end up somewhere else eventually.

S: For me, it’s the same thing. I do a lot of PR work now and I barely see that coming back in my studies. That’s why I don’t think I will be doing the same work later on, but the experience of working with HPT is something I will definitely be using in my career.

What do you guys like and dislike the most about your duties now?

S: I enjoy having to communicate with partners and visiting the companies that we work with. The thing I like the least is being rejected at the phone.

Y: The thing I like the most is the production process. This is something that you don’t really experience in your studies, so that makes it a special experience. The thing I like the least is that sometimes things are not as accurate as I wanted it to be, because I work with the human body.

S: Another thing I really enjoy is that our team is multidisciplinary and because of that, we can learn a lot from each other.

Y: Yes, that’s true. Additionally, every department has its own tasks and responsibilities, but everything is quite integrated, because we are a small team. That’s really fun to experience.

What do you guys look forward to the most?

Y: The race for 100% of course! I also really look forward to the moment at which the athletes will cycle in the Velox for the first time.

S: I very much look forward to the Design Presentation on February 13th! That’s going to be so much fun!

If you are interested in visiting the Design Presentation of the Human Power Team. Via this link you can order a free ticket and via this link you can check out our Facebook event for more information!

The picture is made by our photographer: Bas de Meijer


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