Velox 3

After the first prototype made in year 1 and the many innovations in year 2, team 3 faced the daunting task to finally build a record-breaking bicycle. The plan of this team was to take the best aspects of the VeloX 1 & 2, and combine them into a new VeloX.

A lot of design choices made in the VeloX 2 were also implemented in the VeloX 3. The monocoque construction, which ensures an almost seamless shell, and the camera/monitor system instead of a window, can also be found in the VeloX 3. However, there were also some changes. The StuD-drive, the drive mechanism with an elliptical driving motion, was replaced with a drive mechanism with a circular driving motion. Tests showed that the improvement in aerodynamic drag was less than the increase in friction resulting from the StuD-drive. Finally, some new improvements were made. For example, the VeloX 3 uses a planetary gear in the hub of the wheel. This is a more efficient solution, in terms of space, than the one used in the VeloX 1 & 2. Additionally, this is the first and only VeloX with rear wheel drive.

In September 2013 the Human Power Team departed for America for the third time with one goal: to break the world record. The entire week, the team was struck by problems. Technical issues, bad weather, it just didn’t work out the way they wanted to. Until the last day, on the 14th of September, conditions were just right. Sebastiaan Bowier raced through the Nevada desert at 133.78 km/h, and the world record was broken!

Team members


Wouter Lion
Bas Verhulp
Geert-Jan Roks
Menco Schuurman
Ruben Schulte
Mathieu Wernsen
Elias Allegaert
Rudi Schilder
Richard Dekker
Niels Tielen
Luuk van Vliet
Jelle de Jong
Jeroen van der Kall
Jenniver Kerkman
Nathalie Bruins
Anne Catherine van der Lande
Sebastiaan Bowier
Wil Baselmans