velox 6

After the performance of team 5, it was clear that all the hard work that is put into training, design and production, does not guarantee first place. In the field of engineering, the aerodynamics were improved even more this year, keeping in mind, for the first time, that some crosswinds occur instead of assuming all wind comes straight up to the VeloX. The team also used a new structure, which had a frame where the drivetrain was installed in the middle, instead of them being next to each other. In the field of athlete selection, two male athletes were selected instead of one male and one female. This turned out to be a wise choice, since one of the athletes got ill during the year and was not able to compete in Battle Mountain. The speed during the world championship went up, but unfortunately the team did not reach first place. It was up to team 7 to show that our team can still not only compete, but also win on the highest level.

Team members


Hugo Lambriex
Milan Vermeulen
Rutger van Maris
Tijmen Pollack
Hessel Tijseling
Nick Dekkers
Jelte Grasmeijer
Ralph Krook
Flip Alkemade
Bryan Yip
Maartje Hereijgers
Esther de Mol
Puck Alkemade
Edwin Reuvers
Jan Bos
Rick Flens
Team Manager
Process Manager
Chief Engineer
Structural Engineer
Drivetrain Engineer
Chief Aerodynamics
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Control and Stability Engineer
Chief Operations
Chief Finance
Chief Human Power
Human Power