Velox 7


Velox 7

The VeloX 7 was the first bike built by the Human Power Team to only attack the women’s speed record. The team focussed on a perfect fit for the athletes and since women are generally smaller than men, the shell could be made even smaller. In order to get a perfect match between athlete and VeloX, 3D scans were made of both women. In order to get the best results during competitions that we participated in, we had an extra shell without coating, so with a carbonfibre exterior, for training. Another advantage in the competition was that the team’s movement scientists put a lot of effort in mental coaching, which eventually caused that both athletes were able to turn all the power they had into speed when racing their world championship runs. Team 7 showed once again that the Human Power Team Delft & Amsterdam is a formidable competitor by getting 1st and 2nd place.

Team members


Emiel de Boer
Maarten Blankenspoor
Jan Li
Reinier Goudswaard
Arianne Schiereck
Laurens Feije
Rakesh Yuvaraj
Sumedh Jain
Yash Shah
Jens van Houwelingen
Remco Boere
Coen van der Werf
Frédérique Oosterbaan
Joris Belier
Joel Abrahams
Henry Tang
Daphne Fahrner
Hanne Dijkstra
Marco Korf
Iris Siemons
Mathijs van der Meer
Saskia Balledux
Anand Sie
Aniek Rooderkerken
Iris Slappendel
Team Manager
Technical Manager
Logistics Manager
Chief Engineer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Aerodynamics Engineer
Drivetrain & Ergonomics Engineer
Drivetrain Engineer
Structural Engineer
Frame Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Software Engineer
Partnerships & Financial Manager
Partnerships Manager
PR Manager
Chief Human Power
Research Analyst